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Your Culture of Academic Integrity Begins With Turnitin.

Turnitin is your partner in fostering original thinking and research through its suite of products, including Turnitin Originality. Turnitin solutions promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, and improve outcomes across educational levels and content areas.

Turnitin leverages cutting-edge technology to provide tools that prevent plagiarism, deliver formative and summative feedback, surface actionable reporting, and investigate academic misconduct.

Growing from one million student paper submissions in 2002 to one billion in 2018, Turnitin serves over 15,000 institutions globally and is headquartered in Oakland, Calif., with international offices in the U.K., Netherlands, Australia, Korea, India, and throughout Latin America.

Originality Check Features

Trusted Similarity Scores

Each Similarity Report generates a similarity score which is the percentage of matching or similar text that has been uncovered allowing instructors to easily identify students who are trying to take shortcuts and those who are having challenges and need educator support the most.

Comprehensive Similarity Reports

The Turnitin Similarity Report is a powerful tool that quickly identifies unoriginal or improperly cited student writing by highlighting similarities to the world’s largest collection of internet, academic, and student paper content. Each match is color-coded to help instructors easily interpret the report.

 Filters & Exclusions

Allows instructors to set parameters for the Similarity Report and eliminate insignificant matches by excluding quotes, bibliography, or matches that fall under a certain word count or percentage.

Text Manipulations

Instructors can quickly identify submissions that have been deliberately manipulated to circumvent integrity checking algorithms.

Unlimited Drafts

Allows students to see their Similarity Reports and receive immediate formative feedback which they can use to assess their own work and self-correct before final submission.

 ETS e-rater® Grammar Check

Provides a summary and diagnostic feedback about errors in grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors. Feedback includes examples tailored according to grade levels and links out to the grammar.

Upholding academic integrity today requires more

The rapid shift to online learning provides different opportunities for misconduct. While a holistic approach to academic integrity is advocated, it is likely that gaps will emerge. We must be continually updating the toolkit of support and detection measures.

Phill Dawson
Deakin University, AUS
Associate Professor & Associate Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE)

Educator Insights

Empower educators with insight and set students up for success

♦ Dashboards help identify risks and conduct cohort analysis
♦ Reports show results within the context of students’ assignments
♦ Clear and actionable data points provided for every submission

Plagiarism Detection

Best-in-class plagiarism detection, now with more coverage

♦ Check for similarity against our industry-leading content database

♦ Reveal text manipulations meant to bypass integrity checks

♦ Verify originality of student work in possible contract cheating cases

Formative Learning

Guide students to higher-quality academic writing

♦ Students check text similarity and grammar before submitting

♦ Citation assistant finds missing citations and teaches proper citation style

♦ Turnitin Draft Coach checks for similarity while students draft work

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