Technology Services

Our technology services include:

♦ Integration of analytical solutions and IT systems – the adaptation of analytical solutions to your hardware, network, and software requirements

♦ Analytical repositories adapted to your business goals – they collect data necessary to support decision-making processes, analysis, and reporting in various business areas based on known database technologies (for example Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and IBM Cognos Cloud)

♦ ETL processes to load data to analytical repositories – automatic processes of loading data to databases and analytical repositories

♦ Automated systems for statistical data analysis and reporting – automatic implementation of scheduled statistical analyses, data, and reports to support decision-making, e.g., to aid marketing campaigns

♦ Real-time scoring systems – Real-Time Scoring solutions that facilitate data scoring or online recommendations using analytical models, business rules, or a combination thereof

♦ Applications and procedures used in analytical processes –preparation of purpose-built applications that support decision-making processes related to our analytical solutions

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