07 Apr

CEDA Training

CEDA Training Feedback Form

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1. Were the objectives of the training clearly defined?
2. Was the training interractive?
3. Were the training topics relevant?
4. Was the training content easy to follow?
5. Were the data sets used helpful?
6. Will the training exprience be useful in your work?
7. Was the trainer knowledgeable about the training topics?
8. Was the trainer well prepared?
9. Was the course outline adequately covered?
10. Was the time allotted for the training sufficient?
11. Is Microsoft Teams a good online training platform?
12. What did you like most about this training?
13. What aspects of the training could be improved?
14. How do you hope to utilize the skills acquired in your work?
15. What other areas in analytics would you like to be trained on?
16. What other comments do you have?
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