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IBM Watson® Studio Desktop Subscription, previously known as IBM® SPSS® Modeler Subscription, brings the most popular portions of Watson™ Studio on the cloud to your Microsoft™ Windows™ or Apple Mac machine for offline use. This new addition to the Watson Studio family scales from an individual user all the way up to a large team. It helps you analyse data files you don’t want to upload and can help improve performance. It is all made possible with a fast and easy desktop installation as a cloud subscription service with unlimited use for a monthly fee per authorized user. The main features of Watson Studio Desktop Subscription are a SPSS Modeler canvas together with a data refinery spreadsheet editor that provides backward compatibility with IBM SPSS Modeler streams. Watson Studio Desktop Subscription is designed to provide:

♦ Data preparation, blending, and modeling without additional coding.

♦ Improved productivity using a locally installed client.

♦ The ability to use the program offline. Watson Studio Desktop Subscription works without an internet connection for weeks at a time.

♦ The ability to keep all of your data on your machine. The offering adheres to the security and governance mandates with your data.

♦ Unlimited modeling without overages. Using Watson Studio – Desktop Subscription, you can develop models without any incremental cost. You can build models iteratively on your desktop, then move them to Watson Studio on the cloud to deploy.

♦ As a single Watson Studio environment, no additional learning is required. With the same design for the cloud and desktop versions, switching between deployment options is seamless with no unique training.


Automate for Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks with IBM® Data Refinery Tool.

Uncover new Insights

Analyze unstructured data like call logs, emails, and web pages.

Get up and running faster

Enable rapid adoption with a single interface across environments.


Drag-and-drop analytics and AI

Data preparation

Harness the power of IBM Data Refinery to explore, prepare and refine data. Use intuitive tools to identify and remediate problems prior to modeling.

Model deployment

Use IBM Watson Machine Learning Server (sold separately) to quickly and more securely deploy models in applications throughout your business.


Interactive notebooks contain data, code and visualization side by side, so teams can easily explore data sets, run experiments and confirm results.

Text analytics

Leverage built-in, industry-leading dictionaries and a simple UI to explore data sources like emails, reports and web pages with text analytics.

Support for many data sources

Get a complete view of your business by analyzing data no matter where it lives — in flat files, spreadsheets or major relational databases.

Project management

Create and manage projects for offline use and online collaboration. Combine your data sets with organizational assets while maintaining compliance.

Model development

Use the embedded IBM SPSS® Modeler canvas to build models using a simple intuitive interface that’s easy for both IT and business users to navigate.

Data visualization

Build sophisticated visualizations and easily export them to others. Explore data sets with live charting and a large variety of charts and graphs.

Machine learning methods and algorithms

Apply decision trees, neural networks, regression models and a host of modeling methods taken from machine learning, AI and statistics.

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