IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.4 – Implementation and Administration – TSP11G CR

Short Summary

In this two-day course, you learn how to install, configure and administer IBM Spectrum Protect Plus v10.1.4.



Course Code: TSP11G

Brand: Storage Software Technical Enablement

Category: Systems

Skill Level: Basic

Duration: 16.00H

Modality: CR



Anyone who would like to protect virtual, physical, application and cloud data.



• Experience with protecting applications and virtual machines

• A basic understanding of IBM Spectrum Protect

• Familiarity with Windows and Linux operating systems



In this two-day course, you learn how to install, configure and administer IBM Spectrum Protect Plus v10.1.4. You begin with a review of the software capabilities, requirements, and architecture. Then, through lecture and hands-on labs, you learn how to perform the various tasks required to configure the environment on an installed virtual appliance. You customize SLA policy, and make use of available options to protect virtual machines and applications, as well as the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus catalog. You monitor and manage jobs, plan and prepare for disaster recovery, generate and view log files, and create custom reports.



• Class Opening – Course introduction

• Unit 1: IBM Spectrum Protect Plus introduction
> Exercises: Overview and Architecture

• Unit 2: Installation and configuration
> Exercises: Installation and configuration

• Unit 3: Data protection for virtual machines
> Exercises: Protecting virtual machines

• Unit 4: Data protection for applications
> Exercises: Protecting applications

• Unit 5: Replication and disaster recovery
> Exercises: Disaster Recovery

• Unit 6: Daily operations, reporting, and maintenance
> Exercises: Operations and troubleshooting

• Class closing & evaluations



• Describe features and functions, and use the sizer tool
• Install and configure the server, vSnap, VADP proxy, and configure SLA Policy
• Protect and recover virtual machines and applications
• Configure replication for protecting data in vSnap storage
• Offload data for disaster recovery and long-term retention
• Maintain the environment, work with logs, and create custom reports

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