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IBM SPSS Instructor-Led Classroom Training – Accra, Ghana.

March 21, 2022 @ March 21 March 25, 2022 @ March 25 UTC+3


This course provides an application-oriented introduction to the statistical component of IBM SPSS Statistics. Students will review several statistical techniques and discuss situations in which they would use each technique, how to set up the analysis, as well as how to interpret the results. This includes a broad range of techniques for exploring and summarizing data, as well as investigating and testing relationships. Students will gain an understanding of when and why to use these various techniques as well as how to apply them with confidence, interpret their output, and graphically display the results.

On completion, you will be equipped with the tools to test hypotheses about your data and draw conclusions with confidence arising from a thorough understanding of statistical analysis.

Target Audience

Anyone with an understanding of basic statistical concepts, who may need to use inferential statistics in their work environment.

Additionally, the course is an appropriate refresher for those whose main statistical experience was gained many years ago.

What you will learn

Participants will experience how a real-life data analytics scenario that include:

  • Customer life time value, Risk and Operations
  • Introduction to Statistics: Types of statistics, types of variables, summarizing and presenting data.
  • Introduction to SPSS: Data entry, data manipulation, Validation Indicator Generation, model development.
  • Statistical Inferences: Hypothesis testing
  • Test statistics: parametric and non-parametric tests
  • Correlation and regression: Simple and multiple linear regression, logistic, Poisson regression etc.
  • Forecasting and trend analysis: Autoregressive models, Moving Averages etc.­

Training Cost:

USD 650 + Tax – Early Bird Registration by 25th February 2022

USD 750 + Tax – Regular Registration by 15th March 2022



Golden Tulip,

Liberation Road, Airport

Accra, Ghana.

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