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Apart from marketing IBM products, Predictive Analytical Resources Limited offers technical support, contractual consultancy services and training on all aspects of IBM software, data analysis and statistics. Our goal is the same as yours — to enable an efficient and effective solution to your business issue.

Predictive Analytical Resources Limited Consulting has worked with companies worldwide for over 14 years, combining industry best practices with our proven analytical approach.

♦ Assessment of information needs – we help create plans to implement analytical solutions that aid business processes by providing the necessary knowledge in the form of reports or recommendations. We support our clients in selecting the necessary data, analytical techniques, and approaches for specific business goals.

♦ Data audit – we help verify the availability and quality of data necessary to provide analytical support of the decision-making processes. We test the data flow process, verify data continuity in time and threats related to problems with data. At this stage, we offer final structural recommendations for repositories necessary for reporting and construction of predictive models.

♦ Construction of models and reports – at this stage, predictive models and reports are built to provide recommendations for specific actions. We select the right techniques of statistical data analysis and data mining to build models to recommend specific actions that will minimize risk or increase the chance of obtaining a specific business outcome. We evaluate the efficiency of the models, set criteria for their use, and update and help implement them.

♦ Implementation – we support or carry out the implementation of analytical systems and their integration with existing IT systems. We can assist in the modeling of analytical processes and data flow streams, mapping and standardizing data from various sources, and automation of data flow and analytical processes.

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