Company History

Predictive Analytical Resources Limited (PARL) was established in 2010 as an offshoot of SPSS East Africa (founded in 1998). PARL assumed responsibilities for sales and marketing, distribution, and support of IBM, SAS, STATA solutions in the Analytics and Business Intelligence space within sub-Saharan Africa. We have continued to evolve our Analytics-related solutions by partnering with specialized (niche players) OEM’s and thought leaders to bring the best of breed solutions and products to the market. Over the last few years, we have partnered with OEM’s and Implementation partners to offer specialized solutions such as:

♦ Specialized Banking solutions such as Omni Chanel banking platforms.
♦ Risk-Related Solutions e.g. Credit Scoring Automation,
♦ Business Intelligence portals.
♦ Performance Management / Balance scorecard automation solution.
♦ Delivered Analytical and Statistical platforms to National Bureaus etc.

Solution Profile

Our business portfolio spans the broad spectrum of Analytics includes products and solutions in Data management, Business Intelligence, Planning and Performance Management, Risk Management Advanced Analytics. We bring together technology, analytical applications, best practices and a broad range of financial and IT skills that provide our customers with a complete performance solution. We provide an open and adaptive solution that leverages an organization’s ERP, applications and database investments. We will enable you to:

♦ Track organizational performance against strategic objectives.

♦ Align operations with strategy.

♦ Communicate strategy across the organization.

♦ Align planning and resource allocation.

♦ Understand and monitor current performance while planning for the future.

Focus Statement:

PARL is focused on making better interactions possible by delivering powerful analytic tools to private and public sectors to achieve better decisions with high-value data preparation, analytical reporting and modeling. All designed to build loyal customer relationships, enable better supplier communication, and make customer and retention more efficient.

Mission Statement:

Supply, Support and Train in Business Intelligence and analytical solutions to its customers through continuous innovation and integration of market leading analytical products.

Meet The Team

Dianne Huggins
Chief Executive Officer
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Wahida Huggins
Managing Director
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Lillian Misoi
HR/Administration Manager
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Apollo Orlando
Trainer/Technical Support Executive
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Mary Nthambi
Accounts & Admin Assistant
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Kipngeno Kirui
Researcher and Data Scientist
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Cornelius Kibaki
Systems Administrator
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