Supply Chain Intelligence
Better quality. Greater customer satisfaction. Bigger profits.

Advantage, yours.
Understand demand patterns, your supply networks, operations, quality and customer service requirements like never before. SAS gives you a critical advantage. Combine data from multiple sources. Quickly analyze, visualize and share information. And achieve more accurate forecasts, greater integrated business planning efficiency, healthier profits and higher customer satisfaction.

Supply & Demand Planning
Better demand forecasts mean better outcomes.
Want to significantly improve your supply and demand planning processes? Imagine starting with an accurate, data-driven forecast. Balancing inventory with demand in near-real time. And deriving analytical insights from early demand signals. We can help you make it a reality. With the SAS for Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization suite, you can:

  • Operate more efficiently. Automatically generate statistically driven, weighted consensus forecasts. Monitor forecast performance to understand the value added (or lost) at each step. Then share information easily among sales, marketing, finance, operations and supply teams to readily implement the sales and operations plan.
  • Plan more effectively. Use time-series forecasting to build models that reflect the realities of your business, taking into account intermittent demand, new product launches, pricing, promotions – even weather. Use sophisticated optimization algorithms to compare and adjust forecasts so you can choose the best strategy.
  • Boost your profitability. Gain near-real-time insight into supply and demand dynamics so you can avoid under- or over-stocking. Calculate optimal inventory policies using multiechelon optimization with state-of-the-art simulation. And use predictive modeling and what-if analysis to find out how different variables will affect the supply/demand balance.
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