Proactive protection through advanced analytics
Unify your approach to fraud, compliance and security matters. Boost your detection and prevention efforts. And get the peace of mind that comes from adopting proven solutions – tailored for your industry – backed by nearly four decades of experience and expertise.

Fraud & Improper Payments
Anticipate. Protect. Prevent.
Don't settle for finding fraud and improper payments after the fact – when the damage is already done. We can help you stop losses before they occur. So you can safeguard your organization’s reputation. Stay on top of growing threats. And keep costs in check. With SAS, you can:

  • Find and stop fraud fast – from payment fraud to procurement fraud and beyond. Our unique hybrid approach uses multiple analytical techniques for greater accuracy in spotting aberrant behaviors and better predictive performance.
  • Better understand your overall exposure. Get cross-channel visibility in a single view. Use entity link analysis to reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among customers, accounts or other entities early in their life cycles.
  • Score 100% of all transactions in real time. Make faster, more-informed decisions through real-time integration with authorization systems around the globe.
  • Increase efficiency up to 95%. Launch a unified defense against fraud, abuse and wasteful spending. Centralized case management, a common repository for cross-channel data and shared workflow tools facilitate information sharing, improve detection accuracy and reduce costs.


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