Find the value in your data, no matter the size. Multiple users can explore and visualize data, then interactively create and refine descriptive and predictive models. Distributed, in-memory processing slashes model development time so you can run complex analytic computations – and get precise results – in minutes.


Beat the competition with savvy insights.
Quickly surface insights hidden in vast data stores. Discover and evaluate new opportunities your competitors will miss. Find new ways to grow revenue. Because SAS Visual Analytics is included with the solution, business analysts and statisticians can use powerful, predictive analytics and visual data exploration capabilities to do more with data than ever before.

Boost your analytical teams' productivity.
Multiple users can quickly and interactively customize models – adding or changing variables, removing outliers, etc. – and instantaneously see how those changes affect model outcomes. Which model provides the most predictive power? It’s now easy to find out – and get more value from your big data analytics.

Run more models faster – with precision.
Our multicore processing environment reduces that to minutes. You can build models to target specific groups or segments, and run numerous scenarios simultaneously. Ask more what-if questions, and get fast answers. Refined models produce better results.

Stay agile with in-memory computing.
Perform complex analytic computations fast using an in-memory engine. Modelers can quickly test new ideas, try different modeling techniques and refine models on the fly to produce the best results – using data volumes never before possible.

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