A new generation of power and scale.
Simplified yet sophisticated, SAS® 9.4 has something for everyone. High-performance analytics. The ability to deploy in cloud environments. Standardized data management. It's more of what you need. And more of what you’ve come to expect from SAS.


High-performance innovation:
More power, more value.
Don’t sacrifice precision for speed. And don’t sacrifice speed for precision. You now can have both. Gain insight from all your data, not just a sample. And get your answers quickly so you can refine your questions and hone the accuracy of your decisions.

Deployment options:
Right-sized for you.
The cloud. Getting there fast may be important, but it’s also important to make smart decisions along the way. We offer deployment options that let you choose the best path for how you want your enterprise software deployed, accessed and managed.

Improved availability:
What you need when you need it.
Of course the system is running. Of course the installation went smoothly. Yes, the system has been upgraded. The goal of technology is to make our lives easier. Let SAS help you achieve that goal.

Proactive management:
Take control of your SAS® environment.
Your users will wonder what you do with all your time since they never have problems to report anymore. Make adjustments to your SAS environment based on trends you see through the SAS Environment Manager dashboard – before your users are even aware of any issues.

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